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jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008

Curriculum Vitae Ingles

María Mercedes Espinel was born in Choele Choel, province of Rio Negro, Argentina, on September 5th 1972. At the age of 7, she started to learn Argentine Folkloric Dances with professor Alberto Rodriguez as well as music, singing, ceramic and painting at the Arts School of Choele Choel. From 9 till 17, she studied Spanish Regional Dances, ballet and free improvisation with Susana Sczygol. She was invited as member of the Perito Moreno School's art workshops to participate in the Youths' Folkloric Festivals in Saldan, Cordoba and Choele Choel R.N.
Between 16 and 18, she studied ballet with Lili Caggiano at San Carlos de Bariloche, province of Rio Negro.
At 19, like most young people from the provinces, she moved to Buenos Aires. Once there, she attended the Dance-Theater School at Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas (C.C.R.R), took Flamenco lessons with “La Josela”, dance-therapy lessons with Maria Fux, Release Technique with Marcela Trape, Drama with Cristian Drut, afro-peruvian dance, folkloric choreography at the CCRR, tango technique for women with Graciela Gonzalez and tango with professionals and milongueros.

In 1997 she graduated as Tango Teacher specialised in Dance and History from the Centro Educativo del Tango and attended the Teacher Training Courses of Native and Folkloric Dances and Folkore Research.

And milonga. Much, much milonga.

As a member of the UBALLET (ballet of the University of Buenos Aires, Tango and Folklore), directed by Prof. Beatriz Durante, she performed in the best known theatres of Buenos Aires, participated in the First Interdisciplinary Seminar on Iberoamerica and in the Second International Seminar of Iberomaerican Culture at the University Do Vale do Rio Dos sinos, Sao Leopoldo, Rio Grando de Sul (Brazil). In 1993, she toured in France in the frame of the CIOFF( El Consejo Internacional de las Organizaciones de Festivales de Folclor y Artes Tradicionales). In 1998, she worked in Shanghai, China, with a tango and folklore show. In 2000, she had the honour of dancing to the Emilio Balcarce Quartet. She danced as well in TV programmes in Argentina and participated in the movie “Tango Feroz” and the short film “Genesis”.
At the age of 16, with a children's class, she starts her long and intense career as a Dance Teacher. Between 1997 and 2000, she taught at the well-remembered (and sadly disappeared) Club Almagro (beautiful milonga nights) and at La Viruta and La Estrella milongas, at Centro Educativo del Tango de Buenos Aires and the Margarita Xirgu Theater.
She collaborated with Juan Manuel Fernandez in the tango workshop at "El Borda" Psychiatric Hospital of Buenos Aires.

In 2000, she moved to Europe where she danced and taught with Jose Manrique in Geneve, with Imed Cheman in Paris, and was partenaire of Maestro Nestor Ray in Paris, Lyon and Nantes. Between 2001 and 2007, she worked with Diego Riemer as “El Pájaro y Mecha” in numerous festivals and taught at multiple venues in Europe, Asia and Argentina. In 2006 they participated in the show “Tango Vivo”, directed by Claudia Codega and Esteban Moreno at the Dance Biennale of Lyon, France.
In 2009 she was invited to the 9th International Tango Festival with "El Flaco Dany".

Since 2008 she teaches Argentine Tango in Berlin and other European cities.
She as well dances and teaches Argentine Folkore with Gustavo Colmenarejo.

In 2009 together with Jacqueline Tauil, she creates the well-known milonga (tango club) "Madreselva" in Berlin.

In 2010 she opens "El Quartito" , her own dance and Argentine tango studio in Berlin with Çica Camargo.

At the moment, she collaborates with Aoniken Quiroga in workshops and performances.

She was initiated in Reiki by Bruna Ferrari in 2002 and practices it since then. She also practices yoga and continues to learn how to dance tango.
She speaks French, Italian and learns German.

In her classes, Mecha Espinel tries to transmit the importance of communication in the dance couple beyond the technical dance steps looking for an individual body language with the codes and qualities of the Rio de la Plata tango culture.

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Anónimo dijo...

Me encanta su baile. Se he visto bailando con Diego en 5 o 6 festivales y siempre es una inspiracion. Gracias, Matthew de New York

I love your dancing. I have seen you dancing with Diego at 5 or 6 different festivals and you are always an ispiration. Thank you. Matthew from New York

EDUARDO dijo...

Me parece maravilloso todo lo que has hecho, es realmente imprecionante, hace mucho tiempo que no sabia nada de ella ni de su hermano Francisco que en realidad es al que mas conosï, ya que fuimos vecinos de chicos y me alegra saber todo los que has logrado, simplemente fantastico.